Gift Creations

Welcome to Lallie Liefde! We’re a gifting business specializing in gift design for weddings, corporate events, client appreciation, life’s special occasions and even the option to spoil yourself to your favourite treat.

Owner and founder Leandri Schloms first recognized the need for the business when creating welcome gifts for her own wedding when she struggled finding unique items to include in the gifts. On top of that, working in the motor industry for 18 years, there was clearly a need for that special touch when collecting your brand-new vehicle. What started off as client appreciation gifting, rapidly expanded into corporate event and gifting for all occasions. After all, the need for expertly curated, flawlessly executed, locally sourced gifting exists in all areas of life, both personal and professional.  We believe gifting is an art form. But to us, it’s not enough to simply put pretty things inside a box. We value flawless execution and sound logistics as much as we do appearance. What does that mean to our customers? No more rushing from store to store, pulling things together at the last minute. No more messy assembly lines in your living rooms at home, or conference rooms at the office, immediately before an event!

From start to finish, our clients are completely stress-free knowing their gifting is not merely beautiful, but also safely off of their shoulders and onto ours.